201​8 Scholarship Recipients

Madeline Glosemeyer, University of Alabama

“I would like to thank the SIOR Foundation for their generosity in offering this scholarship to students nationwide. I am born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama which I know is not necessarily a hotbed for commercial real estate or even close to the Foundation's headquarters, but I think that is neat that you are open to supporting anyone interested in the field. Anyways, I am the youngest of five siblings which for me has had its pros and cons growing up, but overall has been very rewarding.  I have learned so much from my older siblings, and I am so grateful for their sarcasm and support.  As far as hobbies, I have always loved sports specifically softball.  I have head coached two different teams and thoroughly enjoy giving back to my community in that way.  I have also enjoyed volunteering with Savefirst which helps low-income families file their taxes for free.  It is very important to me that I also stay involved on-campus so I am in various clubs at The University of Alabama in Huntsville: Women in Business and Leadership, Economics, and the Undergraduate Advisory Committee.  I also have taken many opportunities to work in different fields including real estate research which has inspired me to work in this particular field. In my free time, I enjoy spending time traveling specifically eating at really good local restaurants.  At the end of the day, it all comes back to food and sharing good meals with people I love - can't ask for more than that. My plan is to graduate UAH in 2020 with a Bachelor's in Economics and Finance and a Pre-Law Certificate. With this scholarship I will be able to do so without as great of a financial burden, and for that, I am extremely thankful.”


Virginia Richards, Virginia Tech

“I am extremely grateful to have been chosen as the winner of the 2018 Mildred C. Hanson, SIOR Memorial Scholarship. This will assist me in continuing my education my senior year- I have thoroughly enjoyed my past 3 years in the Virginia Tech Program in Real Estate, have learned a lot through my internship experiences, and am so excited to start my career in the commercial real estate industry upon graduation next year. This scholarship will enable me to spend less time on financial challenges and more time focusing on the success of my real estate courses and earning my degree. I hope to one day become a SIOR member & designee. Thank you so much again to the SIOR Foundation and Scholarship committee for your generosity and allowing me this wonderful opportunity!”