2016 Scholarship Recipients

Ivey Kelly, Florida State University

“Real Estate is an industry that is constantly evolving and this award of the Mildred C. Hanson, SIOR Memorial Scholarship is not merely financial support, it is the chance for me to evolve with it. For two year and half years I have spent countless hours pushing myself and other undergraduates to their potential. Watching amazing educators propel fellow students into the workforce has been an inspiration. The generosity of the SIOR Foundation will allow me to begin my time in the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning at The Florida State University. This is such a meaningful gift and I hope to be a true representation of the dedication and kindness the Foundation has shown me. Words cannot express my gratitude.”






Lara Kiefer, Unversity of Southern California

“I am so excited to receive this award; thank you so much to your generous and welcoming SIOR community. I am a senior at USC studying Business Real Estate Finance and Chinese. Having the support of such a strong community of professionals while finishing my college degree is incredibly meaningful. The Mildred C. Hanson, SIOR Memorial Scholarship is very motivating for me. I am highly interested in real estate finance and am looking forward to gaining more experience in the industry. Thank you SIOR Foundation for your support!”







Skyler Lisk Wilson, Unversity of Cincinnati

“From the moment I first became involved in the Real Estate major at the University of Cincinnati, I knew I was walking on the ideal path. I look at my academic major and minor combination as a hybridization of passions. I am a Real Estate major, Architectural Studies minor and am also pursuing my masters in Marketing while an undergraduate. 
The University of Cincinnati Real Estate program provides regular opportunities for students to interface with real estate professionals and as the secretary/treasurer of UCREA, I have a goal to expose as many students as possible to this career with so many options for success. I believe this was also Millie Hanson’s goal. The gift of scholarships for women pursuing a major in corporate real estate enables us to take advantage of the vast options in front of us.”