2014 Scholarship Recipients

Nicole Caithness, Florida State University

“I would like to thank the SIOR Foundation for awarding me the Mildred C. Hanson, SIOR Memorial Scholarship. I am extremely honored to receive this scholarship, as Millie Hanson is an inspiration to myself and others as she was one of the first women to leave her mark in this male-dominated industry. As a senior at Florida State University, this scholarship will help grant me the financial assistance that I need in order to obtain my degree in real estate and start my career off strong in the commercial real estate field. I look forward to being a member of SIOR and making an impact anywhere that I can. Again, thank you for all that you do for students like me pursuing what they love.” 







Stephanie Dobbs, University of Baltimore

“I cannot put into words how grateful I am for the opportunity which the SIOR Foundation has extended to me. I have been embarking upon my educational journey towards a Bachelor’s degree for four years now and daily it remains a challenge; so it means a lot to me when a reputable foundation invests their time and money into my endeavors. I am motivated greatly by your support to not only finish my degree in Real Estate and Economic Development, but to never stop short of my dreams. Thank you for your investment and your belief in my career path, my work ethic and my future in the real estate industry.”





Melissa Gauger, Unversity of Wisconsin

“Words cannot express how truly honored and grateful I am to be the recipient of the 2014 Mildred C. Hanson, SIOR Memorial Scholarship. I am extremely thankful to everyone who contributed to this scholarship fund, as well as to Mildred Hanson for paving the way for women like me in the commercial real estate industry. It is such a great honor and privilege to be able to carry on the legacy of such a well-respected and esteemed person. As the recipient of any scholarship, it means a great deal to me that that I am able to embody everything that the scholarship stands for. I cannot think of a better scholarship than the Mildred C. Hanson, SIOR Scholarship or a better honoree than Mildred C. Hanson.”