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The SIOR Foundation is made up of commercial real estate leaders from around the country. Our purpose is to give back what we have learned throughout our careers by supporting initiatives that Educate, Enhance, and Expand the commercial real estate community through promoting best practices, responsible and sustainable development, and educating the next generation of commercial real estate professionals.

SIOR Foundation Presents Economic Outlook for Commercial Real Estate

We live in a new world now.  Just like after 9/11, life will change dramatically.  The recovery will happen, but it will be uneven across the country.

Dr. Mark Dotzour will discuss the economic outlook for real estate investors and decision makers.  Topics will include investor demand for CRE and the outlook for cap rates and borrowing rates.  Will the exploding debt result in higher rates of inflation?  What signals are the stock and bond market providing?  Dotzour's goal, as always, is to try to make sense of the complex moving parts that impact the commercial real estate market in the U.S.

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