Celebrating Our History, Envisioning Our Future

Established in 1962 as the Society of Industrial Realtors® Educational Fund (SIREF), the organization’s original purpose was to publish the industry’s first graduate-level textbook on industrial real estate. When the Society was expanded to Society of Industrial and Office Realtors® in 1985, the Fund became the SIOREF. Over the years, the SIOREF promoted and funded programs that advanced the real estate profession through educational scholarships, critical research projects, publishing and development of real estate curricula for higher education, and professional development for practitioners. Because of the SIOREF, deserving students who could not otherwise have studied on the college level have graduated in real estate-related fields, bringing new energy and excitement to the community. Many others, experienced practitioners in the field, have found their lives truly enriched by the experiences and opportunities afforded them through the Foundation’s support.

In 2006, the SIOREF broadened its scope to provide future support to SIOR members and communities. At that time, it also adopted a new mission and changed its name to the SIOR Foundation. As the Foundation celebrate​s its ​55th anniversary in 20​17, the SIOR Foundation continues to develop and promote educational initiatives, as well as working to ​enhance and expand the commercial real estate community in a variety of ways.

Future plans envision an endowment sufficient enough to attract the brightest minds to the community by offering full scholarships at every college with an accredited real estate program, to create endowed real estate chairs at accredited universities, build an SIOR Foundation research department, create the industry standard for ethics and accountability, and increase funds for research and community programs.

Core Values

The SIOR Foundation demonstrates its values in four areas while working to fulfill its mission.

We value our:

Structure, as a trustworthy, fiscally sound and focused visionary;

Service, as a dynamic, inclusive and involved steward of our donors' contributions;

Results, as an effective and enriching supporter and advocate of the profession;

Legacy, as a significant factor in creating a stronger and more vibrant commercial real estate community.