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The SIOR Foundation promotes best practices, responsible and sustainable development, and educating the next generation of commercial real estate professionals. Through its sponsorship of the the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC) White Paper series, DesignFlex 2030, the Foundation continues its mission to Educate, Enhance and Expand the commercial real estate industry.

Rx For Change: The Flexible Biopharma Facility of the Future

This paper is part of the DesignFlex2030 series, commissioned by SIOR, the SIOR Foundation, and IAMC to explore design approaches that could lead to more flexible, adaptable, and sustainable industrial facilities in the future. Rx for Change: The Flexible Biopharma Facility of the Future speaks to the need for a more flexible facility, one that can adapt as market conditions change, as technology continues to alter manufacturing processes, and as the everflowing pipeline of scientific discovery yields new medicines.

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Recipe For Change:The Flexible Food Processing Plant of the Future

An outgrowth of IAMC and SIOR’s previous white paper titled Designing Flexibility into the Industrial Workplace, this paper documents creative and practical suggestions on how to extend the lifecycle of future food processing facilities so they can be repurposed quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as needs and users change.

Recipe for Change: The Flexible Food Processing Plant of the Future looks at a prototype for a more flexible food processing plant. The concept features six key areas of innovation that can help inform the future facilities plans of food processing firms as they face disruptive technological change, a shifting regulatory landscape, and rapidly turning business cycles.

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Designing Flexibility Into the Industrial Workplace

In January 2013, the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC) and the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) commissioned a survey of corporate users of industrial space to learn more about flexibility and adaptive re-use of industrial buildings. This white paper lays out the findings to help those in the corporate real estate industry understand the current state of industrial facilities portfolios and how they are being positioned toward a future that may well include a change of uses. (Published in 2014)

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