Leveraging Matching Scholarship Funds

Chapter Instructions



To expand and leverage SIOR Foundation matching scholarship funds & SIOR
Chapter scholarship funds with universities funded by each Chapter


To identify a University within each SIOR Chapter or expand any existing university
relationship(s) to double the amount of scholarships awarded to students. Set up an agreement to
use matching funds from the university and brand SIOR as a professional and charitable


The SIOR Foundation currently budgets $65,000 annually for matching
scholarships with the SIOR Chapters. This provides the ability to award $130,000 in
scholarships annually. By teaming with universities, there is the potential to award over
$250,000 annually in scholarships to students pursuing a career in real estate.
The current Scholarship program is funded 50% by the local chapter and 50% by the SIOR
Foundation as a matching grant. To further expand the potential for doubling the amount of
scholarship, a Foundation Trustee would work with the local Chapter Scholarship team and reach
out to their partner university(s) to seek matching funds from the University.

​Sample Budget 1

Chapter Contribution: $6,000
SIOR Foundation Matching Grant: $6,000*
Single University Match: $12,000

TOTAL: $24,000 Awarded one student or divided among multiple students annually
*Funding from the Foundation is granted on a first come/first serve basis.


  1. Google “foundation relations at “Xxxxx University” (Duke University was example for
    St. Louis template) or work with university where SIOR Chapter has an existing

  2. Call staff member to have lunch to discuss partnership and matching funds capability of
    the local chapter, the SIOR Foundation and if the University has any matching
    scholarship money available.

  3. Establish a “named scholarship” which can be contributed to by donors

  4. Let University set up most of the systems and select recommended candidates for the

  5. Co-ordinate with SIOR Foundation for required qualifications.

  6. Local Chapter selects recipients through whatever system they prefer. Interviews etc.
    or rely on University depending on interest level.

  7. Award scholarships at local chapter event with media coverage. Network with recipients
    for potential intern or employment opportunities.

  8. Press announcements by local chapter, Foundation and University.All should recognize
    SIOR Foundation. Sample press releases are available from the Foundation.Try to
    include photos of recipients and/or award ceremony.

Click here to download a pdf. version of Chapter Instructions